How to use this booking site:

Step 1: "Booking Home"

  • Select the course or activity you are interested in from the menu bar on the left hand side
  • Click your mouse on the activity

Step 2: Select your course

  • You will then be taken to a list of dates available for this course
  • You will also be able to see which bikes are available including quantities on each of those dates
  • Click on the heading for the date interested in

Step 3: You must now create your user account

  • This will allow you to come back to the website in the future and add further items (eg. Hire clothing), view your order details and make some changes (within the terms and conditions).
  • Please fill in your email address here (which is where the confirmation will be sent) and give yourself a password.

Step 4: Select you bike

  • You will then be taken to a new page, where you must select your bike
  • You may also have to confirm which course you are choosing (if this is a date with more than one course level available)
  • Then click "add to cart"

Step 5: "Create Rider registration"

  • You will then be asked for contact details for the person taking part in the activity
  • If you are buying this for someone else you must put their name here as this is the information that will go on their booking and their certificate.
  • The email address you list here will receive the initial confirmation and booking details. (The invoice will go to the person making the order.)
  • This email address will also be used to send out a reminder and final instructions one month before the event.

Step 6: "Shopping Cart"

  • This page confirms what you are already intending to buy
  • If you wish to add another item or course for yourself or a friend you can simpy click on another item in the menu bar on the left hand side.
  • If you wish to remove an item, click on the tick box to the left of the item, and then click the box marked "update cart".
  • If you have finished shopping the click on "checkout"

Step 7: "Checkout"

  • Enter your billing address and information here
  • Your name and address information given below MUST match the banking and address details that your card statement uses, to enable the payment process to complete.

Step 8: "Review Order"

  • This page gives a complete summary of what you are purchasing before taking you to our card payment page, which is securely hosted by Barclaycard.
  • Click on submit order

Step 9: "Barclaycard ePDQ"

  • Complete all you card details as they appear on your card.
  • Click "submit payment"

Step 10: Your payment is accepted/declined

  • You will now receive an email confirming the details of your booking.
  • Click on "Continue"

Step 11: "Order Complete"

  • Your order is complete.
  • We look forward to seeing you soon